Early Coalition Meeting. April, 2019.
Early Coalition Meeting. April, 2019.


The Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition was founded in early 2019, as support for adult-use cannabis in Illinois grew. After a series of town hall meetings on the South Side of Chicago that discussed cannabis legalization in Illinois, community members recognized the need to take action to ensure community needs were met during legalization.

In early April 2019, a group of people met for the first time at the Port Ministries in Back of the Yards, and the Coalition was born.

During the legislative session in 2019, the Coalition developed a list of priorities for legalized cannabis.
The Coalition focused its advocacy on expanding expungement of criminal records, increasing state funding for impacted communities, and making sure there is legitimate access to the industry for impacted entrepreneurs.

In May of 2019, the Coalition led a lobby day down to Springfield, where more than 100 people from across Chicagoland met with legislators to express the need for equity and justice in the legalization bill. While the bill that would pass is far from perfect, it is by far the most equity-focused cannabis legalization platform in the nation, and the Coalition takes great pride in having moved the needle on this issue.

Since Legalization, the Coalition has continued to meet every week, to continue advocating for impacted communities, organizing events & campaigns to promote our mission, and to watchdog the state and the cannabis industry as legalization is implemented.

Our members leading Get Your RAP Sheet Day! September, 2020
Our members leading Get Your RAP Sheet Day! September, 2020


The Coalition organizes as a grassroots collective to expand opportunities for record clearing in Chicagoland and across Illinois, and to educate communities about their rights and record clearing opportunities.

The Coalition utilizes its grassroots strength to advocate for ‘Plus-1’ dispensaries to sign onto a Community Benefits Agreements, tying the economic success of those dispensaries to impacted communities.

The Coalition's grassroots structure shapes the development of the Coalition's legislative priorities, as we gather community feedback to ensure we're fighting for changes that will bring the largest benefit to communities.


The Coalition is a grassroots nonprofit that advances equity in the State of Illinois by elevating community voices and collaborating with partners to create change in the cannabis industry through our pillars on business, community, and legislative policy.

We are a grassroots non-profit formed by community members fighting to make sure the legalization of cannabis in Illinois is done to repair and reinvest in the communities most impacted by the War on Drugs, and to ensure the cannabis industry prioritizes people over profits!

Coalition members tabling at Chicago's Cannabis Resource Fair. February, 2020.
Coalition members tabling at Chicago's Cannabis Resource Fair. February, 2020.