Community Benefits Agreement

Cannabis businesses should put their community first!

One March 3, 2020, we announced our very first CBA with a dispensary! Read about our agreement with Nature’s Care Company in Crain’s and Block Club Chicago

That’s why, alongside Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, we’ve drafted a Community Benefits Agrement

We have an action plan to bring this CBA and negociate its binding terms with licensed cannabis businesses. We encourage you to join us, especially at public meetings for proposed dispensaries in Chicago 2020 — for the most up to date public meetings regarding new sites for cannabis businesses, DM or follow us @CannaEquityIL

The most impactful community benefits partnerships will result in all of the goals and commitments listed below becoming memorialized in a Community Benefits Agreement between the new dispensary and the Coalition.

  • 100% of Impacted Persons hired by the dispensary will receive a living wage of $20+ per hour.
  • 50% of Impacted Persons hired and employed by the dispensary will have full-time jobs.
  • 100% of Impacted Persons employed by the dispensary will receive career development training and resources.
  • The dispensary will provide pathways to employment in the industry by providing or supporting training programs and initiatives targeting Impacted Persons.
  • Reinvestment: Donating 10% of its net profits to community organizations in its respective Ward
  • National Expungement Week: Sponsoring, organizing or participating in National Expungement Week
  • Legal Education:
    • Hosting four (4) Know-Your-Rights events led by the coalition in their dispensary per year.
    • Making Know-Your-Rights literature, posters, and crutch cards available at the dispensary.
  • 10% of dispensary products and/or services will be sourced from MBE/WBE or Social Equity qualifying businesses.
  • Employment
    • Number of employees
    • Number of open positions
    • Anonymous demographic info on employees and new hires (zip code, race, gender)
    • Number of people being paid a living wage
    • Number of Impacted Persons employed
  • Community Impact
    • Amounts given
    • Recipients
  • Supply Chain Diversity
    • Number of diverse contracts
    • Value of contracts
    • Vendor and supplier names