Know Your Rights!

We need communities to know how their rights have changed with legalized cannabis.

We focus on providing legal education and support under the new laws to ensure everyone is staying safe.

We support this mission through:

  • Creating educational resources like our crutch cards, designed to inform the public of continued prohibited situations for the possession and consumption of cannabis.
  • Live workshops with partners Legal Aid Chicago &Herbal Legal on how cannabis can impact your housing, employment, and immigration status. Check them out in our partners section!
  • Sharing resources and hosting events on expungement, and promoting awareness of newly developing legal vulnerabilities or protections afforded for the use of cannabis.
  • Online resources and videos

If you are interested in supporting this mission by hosting an event, sponsoring printing of crutch cards, or providing production of online resources, DM us @CannaEquityIL or email

Coalition member speaks at National ABLE Network about cannabis and housing. Pilsen, Chicago. January, 2020.