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Reentry Support

The Coalition supports community members with system involvement throughout the reentry process to ensure they have everything they need to be prosperous and whole.

Coalition members in front of City of Chicago plaque

Record Clearing

CEIC supports people across the state in starting the process of clearing their records. Regardless of where the record is, and whether it is cannabis or not, the Coalition will help you start the record clearing process.

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Community Resource Fairs

We organize & support wraparound resource fairs in communities across Illinois. These fairs bring vital resources such as housing, jobs, food assistance IDs, education, and more, directly to impacted communities.

Group members wearing t-shirts for nation engagement week 2019

Legal Aid

We support people statewide access legal aid resources to help them navigate different issues.

Jefferson Davis, who is a Coalition member, wearing a white shirt and pants

Jefferson Davis

Mr. Davis started the record clearing process through the Coalition by attending one of our RAP Sheet Assistance Days. After attending the event he was connected with legal aids, and in 2022 was notified that his record has been fully cleared & sealed!

Having the expungement brings me great joy. It allows me to let go of a past that no longer represents who I am. I'm now a proud owner of my own company, provider for my family and mentor for my community.