State Capitol dome behind a wall

Policy & Advocacy

We work to make cannabis policy in Illinois more inclusive, transparent and accountable

Two people looking over a railing in the legislature building with a clipboard

Policy Research

We research policies and practices that increase cannabis equity and share our findings with the public and with lawmakers. Our current areas of research include: opportunities for ownership for impacted entrepreneurs, increasing investment into impacted communities, and providing young people evidence-based education.

People signing up at Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition table

Political Education

We educate community members on the political process so they can effectively advocate for their communities. We host workshops, webinars, and social media campaigns to share tools & strategies to support people building power in their community.

Group shot of Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition members in front of statue


We advocate for policies to repair and reinvest into impacted communities and entrepreneurs. We aim to end the war on drugs entirely, and enusre that all impacted people can explore opportunities to build wealth in the new industry. We are both a 501(c)3 & 501(c)4 organization, ensuring that our community programming is not impacted by our advocacy work.