Coalition members at National Expungement Week 2019 wearing matching blue t-shirts

Clear Your Record

We believe everyone who has a criminal record for a cannabis offense should have their record cleared immediately

What We Believe

The Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition believes that if Illinois is going to address the injustices of prohibition, then everyone who has a criminal record for a cannabis offense should have their record cleared immediately.

We strongly believe in utilizing technology to support this work, and fully support the use of automatic expungement in Illinois. The Coalition also supports the transition to E-Filing, so that someone can submit their petition for expungement using a computer.

The Coalition believes in expunging cannabis records as widely as possible, especially those that are not ‘Stand-alone’ offenses.

What We Do

The Coalition organizes record clearing events every other month in Chicago, along with quarterly community reentry resources fairs events to support our neighbors who come home. Our programming is available to all people, not just those who have cannabis records.

We also provide connections and resources for people outside of Chicagoland, and partner with organizations across the state to host events.

If you are in need of expungement support, would like to partner with us for an event, please reach out to the Coalition at

An image of Legal Aid Chicago and Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition at a resource fair. The members are standing in front of tables with their logos on them.

Legal Aid Partners

The Coalition partners with legal aids organizations across the state to support record clearing, with greater emphasis in Chicagoland. You can also utilize online support through our partners here:

Expungement 101 with Legal Aid Chicago

Learn about facts and processes around expungement through our collaboration with Legal Aid Chicago. Topics covered include: RAP Sheets, Adult Records, Cannabis Charges & Juvenile Expungement.